“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns or we can rejoice because thorn bushes have roses” – Abraham Lincoln

Thursday evening, after work, Madi and I were heading to the dollar tree. No special reason… really only because the chocolate store we like to sometimes frequent, Macri’s Chocolate, was already closed for the night. So we had to do something… why not venture down the Plaza.

I parked. I saw this beautiful young woman just across the way, and smiled at her. She came towards us.

Excuse me! Can I give you this? A woman gave it to me inside. She had kids with her. I just don’t feel right keeping it. I saw you have a little girl. Please take this.

Shock. On my face. I think I managed to mutter a ‘Hi.’ Maybe also a ‘what?’ She just held out her hand, waited for mine, and graciously, without hesitation, gave up this twenty dollar bill.

Please. Take it.

I immediately thought what can I do with this?! I don’t need this in my life right now. I must be a vessel for someone… someone needs this. 

We head to Target. I have somewhat of an idea for the money… the Universe has something totally different in store for me.

Just off the highway, a car is to the side, flashers on and hood up. I drive by and turn the opposite way, trying to see what’s going on and if the driver needs help. Everyone else just drives by too.

I go down the road maybe 2 minutes. Then I turn around. I think ok if the car is still there I’ll stop. If not, totally fine I’m on my way.

The car was there.

No one had stopped. So I did. This young man, Alex, said his car just died and he had to have it towed. I explained how I came about this $20 bill and told him I needed to give it to him. He was grateful and thanked me and we chatted for a minute. 

I felt great. I had this fulfilled sense of being. Then I woke up Friday morning. We leave the house on time, I even have my lunch and coffee!

I live very close to my work. So for me to spill the coffee, AND have my lunch (which consisted of a homemade balsamic vinegar dressing) leak all over my front seat was impressive. Also frustrating. And annoying. And smelly.

It didn’t ruin my morning. It made me think… what the hell Universe?! I had such a great night. I thought I was following some great plan you laid out so perfectly. Why?! Why am I now taking my lunch hour to scrub vinegar and coffee off the passenger seat?!

I literally thought about it all day. Other little random, annoying bits of ‘ruin’ were happening all day. It wasn’t until I got home I realized the truth the Universe was instilling upon me.

Hey Sarah. Look at all this petty little shit that happened to you. Look how you handled it. You didn’t get upset. You didn’t scream or cry. You didn’t become grumpy or angry. You just tried to figure out why… 

We can not wish for more patience or more understanding. We can only wish for more situations in which we would need those traits. That’s how we gain them. Practice. Mindfulness. Knowing the World isn’t ending and that the Universe does in fact have a plan…

That mama bird just waits for her third baby to hatch. She doesn’t complain, or try to crack him open. She’s patient. She tends to the other two babies. She’s in the current moment. She doesn’t worry about will be or maybe what won’t be.

She just goes about her day, bringing food and love to her babies who are hiding in a rose bush.

#mindfulness #findthepositive #payitforward #karma #listentotheuniverse

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