Until we meet again, my love

Six years ago, we decided ‘hey, let’s do life together.’

We went through more than most and not nearly as much as others. We are that in-between, damn we really did make it through, kind of couple. Our story so far is pretty complex but still sweetly simple. An [unplanned] Earth Angel was born, cancer and chemo, financial Hell, an out of state move, and deployment. We are only in the beginning stages of the latter.

Your 4th deployment, my 1st. Never has my heart experienced this type of change. It’s another unknown for me, and I’m having my moments… My panic attack moments (thankful they are only at night). My acceptance moments (especially of this new phrase I say more often “on my own”). And my breakdown moments (from just missing you).

But I am okay. With all of that. Because of moments like this. When it’s our sixth anniversary and I come home to a delivery of stunning flowers with an adoring note. A Love like ours will never dwindle.

One thought on “Until we meet again, my love

  1. what lovely sentiments and what a lovely picture. A place to remind you that this wonderful man,you both love so much, is STILL with you both,even though he is far away.something that reminds you every time you walk past-that THIS is why you do this every day,no matter how hard it is.For the love you have for each other and your child.The man who held it all together for you and your child and your relationship,when YOU needed it most,can rest assured that,however hard it may be,that YOU are holding down the homefront and keeping his presence real for your daughter.its those little things,like that table with the family picture,candies for a little sweetness,the military statue,the pretty rocks-that keeps it real for one so little,and helps to remind her about love never changing even when distance is holding them apart for awhile…you are a wonderful mom and wife and you are stronger than you know.


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